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SM 025 : Clearing "Let Go" CS
SM 021 : Bronson “Paper Tusk” CDR
SM 017 : Branches “Ninguém É Como Tu” CS

Now Available for Pre-Order
SM 025: Clearing “Let Go”
Music By - Joesph Volmer
Photo and Design by - Jan van der Kleijn
Pro-Dubbed | Edition of 150
Ships Nov 27th
$7.00 ppd US / $8.00 ppd CAN/MEX / $10.00 ppd World

SM 024: Liquid State Bypass “Frenetic Alloys” (Out of Print)

Recorded by Forest Christenson + George De Moura
Mixed by Joshua Slusher
Art + Design by Grey Heart
Clear 32 | Edition of 50  (OUT OF PRINT)


 SM 023 Julie Byrne "You Would Love it Here"
Edition of 50 copies || Full-color sleeve art || Dubbed on Clear High-Bias cassettes

Featuring art by Thea R Kegler || Recorded by Jake Acosta

1st edition of 50
2nd edition of 40 (out of print)

SOLD OUT - Purchase Digital Version

Stream "Young Wife" via Sound Cloud


SM 017 : Branches “Ninguém É Como Tu”

Brand New Cassette by Portugal’s Pedro Rios aka Branches
Pro-Dubbed + Pro-Imprinted | Full Color art by Ricardo Martins | Edition of 150

$6.00 ppd US / $7.00 ppd CAN / $9.00 ppd World 

Purchase Digital Version

Video - "Canção para o Luís"

C20, limited to 100 copies (SOLD OUT)
CDR, limited to 50 copies

Recorded in a cold cathedral outside Anacortes, Paper Tusk envelopes romantic lamentation at its peak. The album will be available to the public through Solid Melts in both tape and compact formats

Cassette (out of print)


$5.00 ppd US / $6.00 ppd CAN / $8.00 ppd World

Video - "Promise"